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  • You need to provide Blood
  • Overnight fasting is not mandatory
  • This test is for Male, Female


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What is HDV RNA PCR?
The Hepatitis D Virus RNA PCR test is a qualitative test to determine the presence of viral RNA of the Hepatitis D virus in case hepatitis symptoms appear and an infection of HDV is suspected. It is also performed as a part of a panel of tests for hepatitis.
Why is HDV RNA PCR done?
  1. When symptoms of acute hepatitis appear, including fever, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, dark coloured urine and pale coloured stool, loss of apetite, jaundice
  2. If an exposure to HDV is suspected before symptoms of hepatitis appear
  3. It is also performed as a part of a panel of tests for hepatitis

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Healths First, Lal Pathlab, Medcis Pathlab


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