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Protein/Creatinine Ratio

  • You need to provide Urine
  • Overnight fasting is not mandatory
  • This test is for Male, Female


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What is Protein/Creatinine Ratio?

The Protein/Creatinine Ratio test is performed to screen for excessive proteins excreted in the urine to monitor kidney function. Creatinine protein is a byproduct of muscle metabolism and is normally released into the urine at a constant rate.

The Protein/Creatinine ratio test is done to monitor kidney functioning, to check for damage in case of the condition affecting the kidney, and efficacy of treatment on already affected kidneys.

Proteinuria in the urine helps identification of early kidney damage which is almost always asymptomatic. Persistent and/or an increased amount of protein in the urine may indicate kidney damage or disease.

The goal of this test is to detect kidney disease and damage early to minimize the damage and prolong kidney function.


Why is Protein/Creatinine Ratio done?

The Protein/Creatinine Ratio is done:

  • To monitor kidney functioning as a part of a routine checkup or as part of a follow-up to a previous positive urine protein test
  • To check for damage when the patient is suffering from a condition that affects the kidneys
  • To see if a kidney function is responding to the suggested treatment
  • If you have symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI)


What does Protein/Creatinine Ratio Measure?

The Protein/Creatinine Ratio measures the excessive protein excreted in the urine. The urine protein tests measure the protein which is released into the urine. Normally, the urine protein elimination is less than 150 mg/day and less than 30 mg of albumin/day. Temporarily raised levels may be seen in conditions such as stress, infections, pregnancy, cold exposure, diet, or heavy exercise.

Appearance of persistent protein discharge in the urine suggests possible kidney damage or requirement of additional testsing to know the cause.

Creatinine is a byproduct of muscle metabolism. Normally, creatinine is released into the urine at a constant rate.

In a normal functioning kidney, the filtered proteins are retained or reabsorbed and sent back to the blood. Whereas, if any damage is caused to the kidneys then it may affect their functioning which may cause detectable amounts of protein extracted into the urine.


Interpreting Protein/Creatinine Ratio results

Protein/Creatinine Ratio Remarks
<0.20 Normal
0.20- 1.00 Low-grade proteinuria
1.00 – 5.00 Moderate proteinuria
> 5.00 Nephrosis

Reference range may vary from lab to lab*

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Healths First, Lal Pathlab, Medcis Pathlab


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