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Growth Hormone (GH)

  • You need to provide Blood
  • Overnight fasting is not mandatory
  • This test is for Male, Female


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What is GH?

This test measures the amount of growth hormone (GH)/human growth hormone produced by pituitary gland. It is crucial for human growth and development. Adults showing symptoms such as decreased bone density, reduced muscle strength, increased lipid levels, excessive enlargement of the limbs are advised to take a GH test. Children showing slow growth, short stature with normal weight, delayed puberty and gigantism should also get their GH levels checked. This test diagnoses medical conditions like acromegly, gigantism and GH deficiency.

Normal range of GH : Males – 0.4 – 10 ng/mL , Females – 1 to 14 ng/mL and Children – 10 to 50 ng/mL

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