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Phosphorus, Serum

  • You need to provide Blood
  • Overnight fasting is not mandatory
  • This test is for Male, Female


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What is Ph, Serum?

A phosphorus serum test can determine whether you have high or low phosphorus levels in the blood. Phosphorus is a mineral needed to build strong bones and teeth as well as nerve signaling and muscle contraction.

The serum phosphorus test is done to evaluate phosphate levels in case of bone and kidney disease, to determine the cause of the abnormal level of Vitamin D, and to monitor levels while taking phosphorus and calcium supplements.

Excess phosphorus can indicate impaired kidney function, while low phosphorus levels may be due to malnutrition and lack of Vitamin D.

Why is Ph, Serum done?
  • To evaluate phosphate levels in case of bone and kidney diseases
  • To determine conditions associated with certain glands like parathyroid glands
  • To determine the cause of abnormal levels of Vitamin D
  • To monitor levels when taking phosphorus or calcium supplements
What does Ph, Serum Measure?

Ph, Serum measures the levels of inorganic phosphates in blood. It is critical in the production and storage of energy as it forms a part of the energy currency of cells (Adenosine tri, di, and monophosphates). It is also a structural component of DNA. It is essential in the functioning of nerves and muscles, and in the growth and maintenance of healthy bones. In blood, phosphates act as buffers to maintain the pH and electrolyte balance of the body.

Main source of phosphorus comes from diet. Once consumed, it is quickly absorbed by the digestive system. In the body, most of the phosphates are bound to calcium in the bones and teeth. Some of it is found in muscles and nerves, and a small amount is present in cells where it forms a structural component of DNA. Very small amounts of phosphates are normally found in circulation and these levels are measured with the Serum Phosphate test.

Phosphate levels in the blood are maintained within its very narrow normal concentration range by excretion of excess phosphorus through kidneys. Phosphate levels are also dependent on the levels of calcium, Vitamin D and parathyroid hormone in blood.

Interpreting Ph, Serum results


Normal range: 2.40 to 4.40 mg/dL

Phosphate concentration in the blood is maintained within a narrow normal range between 2.40 mg/dL and 4.40 mg/dL.

Hypophosphatemia or low blood phosphorus is indicated if phosphorus concentration lies below the normal range.

Hyperphosphatemia or high blood phosphorus is indicated if phosphorus concentration lies above the normal range.

Phosphate levels in children are usually higher than in adults due to the active growth of bones in children.

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